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AAW Podcast #164: Richie Fike

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On this episode, Matt Perkins interviews Richie Fike - songwriter with Integrity Music and worship pastor at The Chapel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Richie shares about how he became a worship pasto... Read more »

How To Write Engaging Worship Songs For Kids

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Kids are fully of energy, love to be moving, and can easily be distracted so writing a worship song that engages them can be a daunting task. As I’ve written music and led worship for kids o... Read more »

Matt Redman - Mercy [Video]

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In this video, Matt Redman sings his worship song, "Mercy." This is a great song to add to your rotation at church. Check out the songwriting story below: Read more »

Interview with Ellie Holcomb

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All About Worship's, Mathew Reames, interviews Ellie Holcomb on her newest album, songwriting, and faith.  MATHEW REAMES: This past year you released your first solo album, As Su... Read more »

Interview with The Gray Havens

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We recently had the opportunity to interview husband and wife folk-pop duo, Dave and Licia Radford, The Gray Havens. All About Worship: First of all, could you share how you guys met? The G... Read more »

Kristian Stanfill - In Christ Alone (Song Story) [Video]

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In this video, Kristian Stanfill shares the songwriting story behind Passion Band's version of "In Christ Alone." Read more »

Worship Songs Aren't For The Blokes - Matt Redman [Video]

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In this video, Matt Redman talks about the use of romantic language in worship songs. Although this interview was recorded in 2007, the conversation continues as worship leaders become more and mo... Read more »

Are You Serious About Songwriting?

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I am a songwriter. 10 years ago I would’ve felt embarrassed to say that, even though I have been writing songs since I was in 5th grade. I didn’t feel qualified. I didn’t feel ... Read more »

Advice On Leading Worship From Bryan & Katie Torwalt [Video]

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In this interview from the Worship Central Conference, Bryan & Katie Torwalt share some practical tips on leading worship, advice for co-leading & songwriting, and talk about the... Read more »

Interview with Laura Hackett Park

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All About Worship's, Julianna Morlet, interviews Laura Hackett Park on her newest album, songwriting techniques, and her calling as a worship leader. JULIANNA MORLET: Laura, than... Read more »