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Caroline Cobb

Caroline Cobb

In the year before her 30th birthday, Caroline Cobb – a singer-songwriter and full-time stay-at-home mom – gave herself a crazy goal: write a song for every, single book of the Bible in just one year, by the time she turned 30 on 11/11/11. 

Now, using several of the songs written during that “year of biblical songwriting,” Caroline has returned to the studio to record her third album: a concept album that tells the story of redemption from the Bible. 

Song by song, this album takes the listener on a journey through scripture, beginning with creation and ending with the second coming of Christ, with every song pointing to Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return. 

The Blood + The Breath: Songs that Sing the Story of Redemption was produced by Josh Moore (Derek Webb, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sandra McCracken) and recorded at Shane & Shane’s studio near Dallas. The Blood + The Breath releases June 3, 2013 (pre-order begins May 6). Caroline lives and works in Tyler, TX with her husband, Nick, and their two children, Ellie and Harrison.