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Nate Fancher

Nate Fancher

An electro pop/rock with rhythmic arrangements, ambient guitars, percussive keyboards, and soul lifting melodies, might help describe the music of Nate Fancher. 

If you call yourself a fan of “modern worship”, you’ll find something familiar. And If you enjoy the freshest radio tunes of CCM, you’ll feel at home too. 

Though Nate has been leading worship in the local church for over 10 years, his heart is to see Christians in all walks of life, find encouragement and inspiration through songs that not only tell stories, and ask questions, but songs that also proclaim timeless, prophetic truth. In it all, Nate’s music centers around the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it’s invitation to worship in response to God’s mercy. 

“My hope is to see believers challenged, yet built up and edified by God’s grace through my music”, says Nate. “I’ve always loved going to different places and playing music with my band, but more than touring and doing all the exciting opportunities that bands get, my hope is that the songs reach further than I could ever go. It’s really about the songs themselves helping people connect to God through Jesus.” 

From 2001 to 2005 Nate traveled with the Christian indie rock band Mali, playing with artists such as Sanctus Real, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, and even Christian rapper Mase. Mali was also privileged to play at events like The Call Texas, One Thing Kansas City, and on the main stage at the country’s oldest Christian music festival, Ichthus. 

Near the end of Mali’s time together as a band, Nate was brought on as the worship pastor of Grace Church, in Chapel Hill NC where he served as worship pastor for six years. He is currently on staff at Living Way Church in Greensboro, NC where he serves as a pastor wearing different hats, including weekly worship services, student ministries, and web/media ministries. 

In early 2013, Nate launched a podcast called the Christian Music Blog Podcast (CMB) where he brings on other artists, songwriters, leaders, and industry executives, discussing all things related to music and music making from a Christian worldview. “The primary vision of CMB, is to see other Christian artists inspired and equipped to have a healthy, Biblical perspective when pursuing a career or ministry in music”, says Nate. 

To get a regular dose of Nate’s thoughts and perspectives, or find out about new music and events, follow him on his blog, and sign up for his e-mail list.