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Fear: The Decision Maker

By Garner McGregor 0 Comment(s)

Fear. In my experience, and from what I’ve seen in other people’s lives, fear is a decision maker. For many of us it has made too many decisions. It has ruled our lives, our though... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 22): Q&A - You didn't ask for it, so here it is.

By The Worship Podcast 0 Comment(s)

Dustin and James answer YOUR most pressing questions. On this episode we cover everything from distractions to multiple services, being the authority to playing at the back of the church. You won&... Read more »

5 Qualities Of A Great Worship Team Member

By Dan Korocz 0 Comment(s)

  Over the years I have found myself in the midst of teams, as well as leading them. Here are some of my thoughts around qualities that make a great worship team member.    1.... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 21): Keep the Change - Embracing the Uncomfortable

By The Worship Podcast 0 Comment(s)

It's been said that, "change is a part of life."  Why, then, do we tend to struggle with it?  Whether in your personal life, your professional life or anywhere else, change can be uncomf... Read more »

Medicinal Laughter

By James Galbraith 0 Comment(s)

A COP KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND TOLD ME MY DOGS WERE CHASING PEOPLE ON BIKES. MY DOGS DON’T EVEN OWN BIKES... Laughter. Is. Important. I love to laugh. Anyone who knows me will tell you I... Read more »

The Sheep or The Parade - an interview with Jesse Reeves

By Erica Boutwell 0 Comment(s)

If you’ve been attending a church with a contemporary bent for any length of time, then you’ve likely sung songs on a regular basis written by a gentleman named Jesse Reeves. Jesse h... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 20): That 'Aint Right! When Worship Teams Behave Badly

By The Worship Podcast 0 Comment(s)

Have you ever had a worship team member that just goes too far?  We have.  And one of them may be on this show! Join Dustin, James and special guest, Erica, as we talk about how to best... Read more »

The Fight Before The Fight

By Dustin Smith 0 Comment(s)

When Igor Sikorsky was 12, his parents told him that competent authorities had already proved human flight impossible.  He went on to build the first helicopter. In his American plant, he pos... Read more »

In The Waiting

By Garner McGregor 0 Comment(s)

  Endure = Character = Hope Have you ever been in a situation where all you can do is wait? Like say your car breaks down. You call AAA or something like that, and you wait. Or mayb... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 19): Holy Distractions Batman! - Dustin Smith & James Galbraith

By The Worship Podcast 0 Comment(s)

Today Dustin and James talk about all those pesky little distractions during worship. Is flag waving, pottery and painting true expressions of worship? I mean…really? Can someone be too loud... Read more »