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Not Your Grandma’s Lent

By Erica Boutwell 0 Comment(s)

A few months ago I wrote a very personally challenging article about pursuing a life of radical holiness in an extremely unholy world. You can read the full post here. In it I explore a common the... Read more »

Honk if You Love Jesus

By Meagan Newell 0 Comment(s)

If I had to choose one thing that holds me back from accomplishing my purpose, it is that vicious little vixen we like to call “comparison.” As a woman, I have found upon confession t... Read more »

Majesty In A Manger

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

In many ways, there was nothing particularly special about the baby or the birth. That poverty, that narrowly-averted scandal when Mary fell pregnant, that greeting party of those social misfits (... Read more »

The Powerful Act of Honoring Your Seniors

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I recently took on a new position leading worship in a small church on the outskirts of Nashville. They are good people and there are a lot of great things happening in those church walls. However... Read more »

5 Practical Ways Michael Farren Gets Musically Inspired

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To say that Michael Farren is one of today’s top songwriters is a bit of an understatement. Besides penning “Let It Rain” which has sold a mere 2 million copies, been translated ... Read more »

The Best Little Sunday Christmas Morning

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Have you heard the news? Christmas IS ON A SUNDAY this year! It doesn’t happen again till 2022 and then again in 2033,2039 and 2050. But like it or not, it’s a reality in the here and ... Read more »

Interview with Paul Baloche

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The ministry of Paul Baloche has literally touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. His 1997 song, “Open The Eyes of My Heart” is still in the CCLI top 100. We caught ... Read more »

An Open Letter From Worship Leaders to Pastors

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Dear Pastor,  You encourage me.You also challenge me to my very core. You’re always looking to help me improve.Though, sometimes I act like that’s not necessary or possible. I ... Read more »

AAW Podcast #179: Craig Adams

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Talking Christmas and Choirs w/Craig Adams, Worship Leader and Creative Director at LifeWay...AAW Podcast, Episode 176!Read more »