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Interview with Paul Baloche

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The ministry of Paul Baloche has literally touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. His 1997 song, “Open The Eyes of My Heart” is still in the CCLI top 100. We caught ... Read more »

An Open Letter From Worship Leaders to Pastors

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Dear Pastor,  You encourage me.You also challenge me to my very core. You’re always looking to help me improve.Though, sometimes I act like that’s not necessary or possible. I ... Read more »

AAW Podcast #179: Craig Adams

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Talking Christmas and Choirs w/Craig Adams, Worship Leader and Creative Director at LifeWay...AAW Podcast, Episode 176!Read more »

How and Why You Should Recruit a Christmas Choir

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It may not feel or look anything remotely close to Christmas outside, but there is something in the air that brings back that ol’ “It’s after Labor Day, better get ready for Chri... Read more »

Whatever You Want

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This is not about promoting a song, but a posture of the heart…Let the church rise up and say “Whatever You Want”.  Whatever You WantWritten by Michael Farren and Josh Al... Read more »

AAW Podcast #178: Chris Quilala

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Chris Quilala joins Michael Farren for a podcast you do not want to miss...AAW Podcast, Episode 178!Read more »

Am I a Hypocrite? - By Michael Farren

Warning, bubble bursting, thoroughly raw post commencing now...read no further if you by some chance hold us Farrens in some undeserved place of sainthood. (Which if you do, this should help adjus... Read more »

AAW Podcast #177: Jason Ingram

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Jason Ingram talks Calling, Critiques, Unity and a Challenge!...AAW Podcast, Episode 176!Read more »

Zach Loomis

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So, back in January – the 15th, to be exact – a new album entitled Captivate was released. Since everyone reading this no doubt appreciates great new music, I imagine every... Read more »