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The Worship Podcast (Episode 5): Women in Ministry, with Krissy Nordhoff

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On today's podcast, we wanted to cover a very important topic. It's forefront in our culture, yes, but it's also important in the church, too. Specifically, in worship and songwriting.  That ... Read more »

AAW Podcast #164: Richie Fike

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On this episode, Matt Perkins interviews Richie Fike - songwriter with Integrity Music and worship pastor at The Chapel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Richie shares about how he became a worship pasto... Read more »

How To Write Engaging Worship Songs For Kids

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Kids are fully of energy, love to be moving, and can easily be distracted so writing a worship song that engages them can be a daunting task. As I’ve written music and led worship for kids o... Read more »

Interview with Matt Richley

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All About Worship's, Mathew Reames, interviews Matt Richley on his new EP, recording, and writing songs for the church. MATHEW REAMES: Matt, let me begin by taking a second to say thank... Read more »

AAW Podcast #162: Marybeth Perkins - Leading Through Brokenness

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On this episode, Matt Perkins interviews his wife, Marybeth Perkins, about what it means to lead through brokenness. As briefly mentioned on the last episode, Matt and his wife have been faced wit... Read more »

8 Modern Worship Culture Idols (and how to fight them)

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In this article, David Santistevan highlights 8 modern worship culture idols and how to fight them. David says, "Our worship culture has many idols. I have to be on guard every single da... Read more »

Worship: Ready or Not Here it Comes

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In this article, Craig Dunnagan (Executive Director, Gateway Create Publishing), shares some great tips on how to start our worship services in a way that engages the people we lead at a pace they... Read more »

AAW Podcast #161: Q&A with Dustin Smith, Michael Farren, and Others

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On this episode, we feature a recording from All About Worship Conference 2014 - a Q&A Panel session with Dustin Smith, Michael Farren, Amber Rhoads, Sean Hill, and Bobby & Rachel Taylor. ... Read more »

Focus In Our Worship Leading - Tim Timmons [Video]

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In this video, Tim Timmons talks about focus in worship leading, and challenges worship leaders the ask themselves, "What am I really focusing on?"Read more »

Matt Redman - Mercy [Video]

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In this video, Matt Redman sings his worship song, "Mercy." This is a great song to add to your rotation at church. Check out the songwriting story below: Read more »