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Passion - Even So Come [Review]

By Adam Hellyer 0 Comment(s)

Passion: Even So Come follows a grand tradition of albums that capture the energy and..."passion," of the thousands of college students attending the annual Passion Conferences. Fans of Passion va... Read more »

Let It Be Jesus - Christy Nockels [Video]

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

In this video, Christy Nockels sings, "Let It Be Jesus" at Passion Conference. This is a great song to lead at church with a message that exalts Jesus above everything and directs our hearts to wo... Read more »

Passion - Take It All [Review]

By Jake Richards 0 Comment(s)

The team at Passion has, once again, produced an album of great songs with their latest project, Take It All. The album features songs by veterans of the Passion brand: Kristian Stanfill, Chris To... Read more »