Make It Quick

Do you ever wish life would SLOW DOWN?  I think we all do.  Life moves so quickly.  Seasons change quickly.  Kids grow up quickly.  In this past year my eldest son has surpassed me in height by 4 inches! He’s also turning 13 soon which is very hard for this mama to wrap her brain around! We don’t always recognize in the daily routines of our lives just how fast time is passing us by. 

I’m always reminding myself to slow down and take my time with things.  For some reason I fight the urge to rush myself in deadlines and projects; even simple daily tasks.

The truth is:

When you slow down, focus, and do your best the first time, you probably won’t have to use MORE time to do it again a second time. 

Culture tells us to hurry; to constantly go from one thing to the next. We rush about like crazy people, or as the saying goes, “like a chicken with its head cut off.”  Again, this is how today’s society operates. With the help of the Holy Spirit I make it a goal to be counter-cultural in this way. 

There are two specific things in life where I feel we need to HURRY UP and not waste any time - REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS.

As intentional as we need to be to slow down in certain aspects in life, we need to be quick to repent of our sin nature, which includes offense and unforgiveness.  Trust me, these are things we do not want to carry through life.  Living in conscious sin and under the weight of offense is like carrying a ton boulder on your back.  It will only produce greater pain and struggle. After a while, you simply stop living well. You cannot move forward carrying that kind of weight. 

To repent and forgive is a matter of the will.  It is not based on a feeling.  When we chose to lay down our own ways for the ways of the Kingdom of God, you become a supernatural force of goodness and glory to be reckoned with!  Doesn’t that sound awesome? It sure does to me!

So here is the challenge for you and me today:

  1. SLOW DOWN! Give adequate place and time for reflection and healing.  Don’t rush through your healing process. Be intentional. Make space and give it high priority. Remember just how much the Lord loves you.  He died for your complete salvation, which includes wholeness of every kind. He longs to restore you to Himself and fellowship with others. 

  2. MAKE IT QUICK! Repent and forgive quickly.  We should NOT be slow to repent or slow to forgive.  The quicker we recognize sin and repent of it, the better!  The quicker we release hurt and pain and extend forgiveness, the better! 

Till next time,